Songs That Make You Feel Good

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love music and most forms of it. Music can influence us in so many ways: by drowning in our sorrows to uplifting our souls and everything in between. For me, any song that either makes me laugh or makes me feel like dancing is a wonderful way to raise my spirit and feel good.

Now there are MANY songs that I can put here but today I am grateful for one in particular. It’s a song from the disco era of the 70’s and it’s Boogie Wonderland, from the fabulous group Earth, Wind and Fire.  When I watch this version, I can’t help but  laugh and smile at all the fun they were having singing, dancing, twirling trumpets, tossing tamborines and dancing tangos with their guitars! It makes me feel really good and gets me dancing everytime.

So, thank you for this song, Earth, Wind and Fire! Some thirty years later, I still feel really good hearing it. Shall we dance?


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