Love For My Two Daughters

On this Mother’s Day of 2010, I am so grateful for my two daughters, Amanda and Andrea! As many mothers know, it is difficult to express exactly how deep love flows between a mother and her children. Words cannot express how connected that bond is. But my words can express how appreciative that these two beautiful young women are my children. I love you both and it was a love that began even before you were born.

I remember vividly that first moment when our eyes met each other after your birth. That bonding when our souls said, “Hi there! I know you and I love you! We are connected now for all of eternity.” While the umbilical cord connecting us got cut after birth, the mother/daughter love connection never ends. It is eternal, forever, beyond infinity… and I am grateful for that. I’m grateful that we are in this thing called life together. I’m grateful for all of the laughter, the love, the silliness and yes, the fights. While that may feel strange to you to read that, it is what a mother knows is a necessary part of seeing her children grow and develop. It is a reminder of how we mothers often fought with our own mothers, yet still the bond between us runs deep.

I am also so grateful that you have each other as “sisters.” What a beautiful connection that is and, as an only child, one that I never got to experience. But I see it and feel it from you. A little piece of me gets to “live” it through you.

I love the differences in your personalities and am  grateful that you are each your own person: each with her own role to play in life. While most people think of parents as being the “teachers” for their children, I know that you are my teachers. You have taught me a lot about life and particularly about myself by being you. I am now a better person because of it!

I couldn’t have asked for better daughters than you both! So, on this Mother’s Day of 2010, I give you my appreciation, respect, gratitude and love. Thank you! Thank you for being my daughters! I love you both very much.


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