Yesterday I think we had our first frost of the year here in New York City. Since I travel a lot, I may have missed an earlier one. So for me, it was my first frost. As the summer is now long gone and many of the leaves of the fall are on the ground, I’m reminded of how much I appreciate the change of seasons. I lived for a time in places where there was relatively no winter (and certainly no snow) and I must say that I missed the winter.  Sometimes it takes being away from something (or someone) for one to truly appreciate it (or that person).

So on this fourth day of November, I’m giving my appreciation to Mother Nature and the areas of the world that experience the four seasons. Each season is special in its own way and even if we get tired of one, we can always look forward to a change coming soon.

I can’t really say I have a favorite one. Do you?


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