Conference Time + An Extra Hour of Sleep

I’m currently at a conference that officially starts tomorrow but because I’m in a leadership position in my professional association, I had to be here a day early.  I also was reminded by another colleague that we get to turn our clocks back an hour tonight, so I’ll get “an extra hour” of sleep. Woo hoo! I’m so glad because these conference times can really be tiring.   Of course, I’ll probably stay up extra late because I know I have an extra hour! Funny how that works, isn’t it?

I do appreciate conferences and getting a little extra sleep, now and then. I love meeting colleagues, many of whom have become my friends.  So today I’m grateful for my job, my conference, the opportunities to meet new people in my region, the leadership opportunities that are available to me, and last–but not least–tonight’s extra hour of sleep! I’m probably going to need it, considering how long these conference days and nights tend to be.  And I’m so grateful that I have such a comfortable hotel room with a bed that’s looking really comfy right now, too.  (But that will be for later…)


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