Giddy Up!

Today I didn’t need an alarm clock as I woke up at 5 a.m. with a Charley horse in my calf! Now I get these occasionally, so I decided to go looking for what causes them and a cure. I had always heard that it was due to a lack of potassium, but I also found: dehydration,  lack of stretching when exercising and the side effects of certain medications.  What was really fun was reading the cures for them: bananas I had heard many times before and drinking plenty of  water is an obvious solution if the cause is based on dehydration. There’s also massage, which sounds really good right now.  But I found other “remedies” that people swore by. Things such as:

Drinking salt water

Rubbing mustard on the affected area

Drinking pickle juice

Since I’m at a conference and have none of these items (and they do sound fun to experiment with),  I’m going to drink plenty of water today with the intention of hopping on the saddle of wellness.  So how can I be appreciative of that good old horse called Charley this morning?

Well, I have my legs that do very well in getting me around wherever I go,  I’m even grateful for the pain that lets me know strongly that I want to feel better (and launched huge rockets of desire to feel better!).  I love how I have clear, clean drinking water in which to feed this horse.   I appreciate the  availability of the internet in which to research items with a few quick clicks, and I appreciate Charley for reminding me that treating myself to a massage now and then is a lovely way to be loving to myself.

So giddy-up, Charley! It’s time to turn around and go for a ride on the wellness, feel-better trail!

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