While I don’t drink it everyday, I do love coffee. I love its aroma, its flavor and I love to drink it especially after a good meal. I love a variety of flavors, blends and particularly love grinding my own beans. I particularly love a coffee in the mornings, but many times I’ll have one at night. The caffeine never keeps me awake at night and I love that, too. I love my coffee espresso, double espresso, cappuccinos, regular, coffee with milk, with sugar or without sugar. I’ll pretty much drink a coffee anyway it is prepared.

So today, I’m grateful for coffee and all of its flavorful varieties!


6 thoughts on “Coffee!”

  1. Good to find someone else, who is not kept awake by coffee… when we have a late night everyone always offers me coffee, but it won’t change a thing for me!

  2. Thank you for you ‘grateful’ post, Spirited! Since, I am opening a (coffee, tea) stall in a local farmers market, Hamilton Farmers’ Market, in Ont., your peice gave me right, mindful, courage…Hope you have a great day.
    Love Love Love,

  3. An interesting post about your love of coffee. I definitely drink it everyday and sometimes at night as well. I am also one of those that can drink coffee and then fall fast asleep. Caffeine is not something that keeps me awake, although there have been times when I wished it did. lol
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