“It’s A Done Deal”

Today I had the pleasure of experiencing the power of visualization, affirmations and positive energy in manifesting a desire.  A friend had an issue that looked impossible to solve in the timely way that she needed it to be done (today).  All week her emotions went up and down about how the outcome of this issue would look by today’s end.  As of last night, she figured that there was no way that her issue would be resolved and she had literally lost hope. Yesterday, I assured her that she still had tomorrow and there was still time for a positive outcome to her situation.

So last night I held her intention in a positive light, visualized the actual positive outcome I saw taking place today and asked some fellow friends at GoodVibeUniversity to hold the same intentions for her as well.

At the end of today’s workday, my friend received good news about her issue, so it was a “done deal.”  So while it  “appeared” as a miracle to her, it really was the power of a group of people who already envisioned the outcome as a “done deal” and then let it go. The same happens when people pray together for someone and trust that God will deliver.

I’m so grateful for techniques like these and for friends at GoodVibeUniversity who help people with their “miracles” everyday. So next time you get in the vicinity of “hope,” try reaching for “believing,” and soon you’ll be saying “It’s a done deal” because you “know.”

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