I Hear You!

As I was signing into this blog tonight, and reading this blog’s title “The Gab of Gratitude,” it struck me that if I didn’t have the ability to hear, I would be limited in the “gabbing” that takes place in my world. So tonight I’m appreciation my hearing. While I’m sure that people born without the ability to hear are blessed with an extraordinary ability to tune in to their other senses, I’m just so grateful that I can hear!

I appreciate all the sounds in my world, especially talking with other people, music, cheering at a sporting event, the sound of trains passing by, the sound of babies, children playing in playgrounds, the television shows, the sound of cats purring, birds chirping, dogs barking, wind whistling through the trees, airplanes taking off and landing, water running, ocean waves, and so much more! I’m so glad to hear myself when I talk to myself, too! So I’m thankful for the ability to hear!

So take a moment and sit and just listen to the sounds in your world. Don’t you appreciate them, too?


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