Today is my final day of blogging everyday for the month of November and I’ve done it on two blogs! I did it as part of the National Blogging Month (NaBloPoMo). When I first started out with this personal challenge for myself, it came after months of inactivity blogging.  While my main blog, Journey of A Spirited Strider, has been quite active since I started it in 2007, I hadn’t written on it or anywhere since mid-July of this year. My mother died this summer and I just didn’t have the motivation to write.  But after an inspiration from Nancy Barry-Jansson, and after seeing the NaBloPoMo challenge (which I had attempted to do some years ago), it gave me the incentive to get back here to write.

Since I am a huge fan of appreciation everyday anyway, I figured it wouldn’t be that difficult to find topics. And  it wasn’t. When we appreciate, we attract more in which to appreciate!  In other words, a daily practice of appreciation creates opportunities to look at our everyday world in a new light.  We automatically see the positive, rather than the negative in a situation, we set the tone for “having a great day” everyday and we are generally happier. It’s a great habit to get into.

So while I won’t be posting everyday from now on, I suspect I’ll be coming back here a bit more often as I’m reminded of how powerful it is to write down one’s appreciations.


One thought on “Appreciation”

  1. I lost my mom 5 yrs ago to uterine cancer, so you have my deep sympathy. It’s a big blow, and while it does get easier and less raw, it’s just plain hard. Hope your heart is full of happy memories of your mom.

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