Appreciating Garbage Workers

The other day on my way to work, I got behind a garbage truck on a hill. It reminded me how much I personally wouldn’t like that job: heavy lifting, smelly cans and bags of garbage, and little recognition for a job well done. In thinking about how hard that job seemed to me, I realized how much I appreciate the people who do this for a living. I watched in awe as they jumped off and on that truck, hurling garbage bin after bin onto the truck, all quickly and efficiently as they took away our “stuff” that we don’t want, leaving us with empty bins that we continue to fill again and again.  And I smiled when the driver of the truck was able to move the heavy rig over, waving me on, so I could pass them to get onto my day job. I was reminded of the many times I’ve had that happen here, and how much I appreciate the kindness in that.

I’m so happy that there are people who do this work! Imagine our lives without them! What a mess we would have! So today, I’m appreciating garbage workers! I really appreciate their reliability several times a week in showing up for their jobs, in how they efficiently handle a job that I personally would never want to do, and how they help to haul away junk we no longer want and recycle materials that can be made into other stuff (that we probably eventually will no longer want!), so we put it in the garbage bin to be taken away again! Thank you, garbage workers!  Life is so much easier with you in it!


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