Appreciating Photography

There are so many great photographers and photos out there on the internet and I totally appreciate that. I would love to be a better photographer myself and to spend more time doing it. Even if I’m not a professional or even an amateur professsional, I’ve always loved to take pictures. I love my digital camera but haven’t had much time to really play with it. I also really love my old faithful, manual Pentax that I first learned on way back when.

Today’s photography certainly has expanded our world in infinite ways. The internet has certainly given a forum to photographers everywhere to showcase their work, while providing an art form for us to appreciate.  And photo editing sites make “playing” with a photograph fun, too! So today I’m appreciating  photography, the photographers and the internet sites where I can spend time admiring beautiful works of art.

Photo courtesy of

I am particularly grateful for people who freely share their work, too, and would like to take this space to formally thank the owner at for so selflessly making thousands of photos free for people to use in the public domain.  While I use a lot of my own photography in my blogging, on my website and in my email newsletter,  I have also used this site over the years when I don’t have a photo handy. So thanks to this website and its creator! I really appreciate you!

In honor of my appreciation for the site, I’ll just showcase a photo from there so you can all appreciate it, too.


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