The Value of a Team

Photo courtesy of Dreamstime

Today I am appreciating the value of a team. I am currently Chair of my professional association for New York and New Jersey and responsible for this conference that I am at right now. We have a core team of people from both states, each with their different roles. None of us get paid for this additional responsibility: we are all volunteers and most positions are at least two year commitments, and some are as long as three years (as in my case). So the commitment that people sign up for when they join the team cannot be understated.

I so appreciate the different personalities, work styles and leadership from this experience.  I am learning a lot about myself as a leader from this process, as well about how varied each person’s style is as well. While team members don’t always agree when we are making decisions, each person  brings a value to what we are creating.  While some “do” more than others, I appreciate everyone for their role, no matter how much time they had to put forth or what their responsibility is.  It really takes a team to pull a conference together!

Cooperation is a quality that I adore and cooperation is a quality that good teams have. I love my team members and wanted to take this space to tell them so! So no matter what type of team you are part of, I invite you to pause and take time out to appreciate each member for the value they contribute as part of a larger whole.

If you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to my conference!

Until tomorrow,



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