I appreciate that I know how to relax and I’m relaxing right now, after having gone through this conference I was in charge of.  It has been a learning experience and there were times when I didn’t take care of myself because of it.  Many people hurried out of here tonight, in their rush to get home and back to their offices tomorrow.  Yet some of us remain, including myself.  I met a woman who was having a late dinner and we struck up a conversation about how good it feels to just relax and wait to leave for home until tomorrow. We were remarking how good it feels to have decided that and how others were commenting they wish they’d done the same.

I’m glad I made that decision. I know the importance of relaxing and am happy I’ve made some time for it tonight. I’m tired and a bit sleepy, so it makes it easy to relax! So I’ll end this post and wish everyone a relaxing evening, too!


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