Rampages of Appreciation on Facebook

Ten days ago, I got inspired to create a Facebook group on appreciation. This morning marked my tenth day of posting. The group now has over 50 people in it and seems to have taken a life of its own. I love and appreciate that today! And this is my open invitation to anyone that wants to join us there.

While I chose 41 days to appreciate there, I have this feeling that the group is here to stay. People can join at anytime so some are just starting their Day 1 posts. And there’s no pressure or rules if you don’t post daily, but I will say that energy of the group is contagious! We are making some wonderful connections there, reading each others’ posts and uplifting each other through the amazing power of appreciation.

I’m finding it easy to post everyday (unlike here- LOL).

So everyone is invited to join at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/41days/


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