I Love The Summer – Day 31

Summertime glow I love the summer! Whether I’m at a beach or just outside enjoying the longer days, I love the feeling of summer. I don’t have one of those jobs where I get the summers off, but I do get seven weeks of 4-day work weeks in the summer, so the 3-day weekends in the summer feel like mini-summer breaks.

I can remember the feeling of summer as a kid: the excitement of having the time to go out and play all day, take family vacations, ride my bicycle everywhere, walk barefoot in the grass or just sleep in. Yet I wasn’t sad when summer ended and I went back to school because that meant seeing my friends who lived in the country.

Summers mean play, vacations, wearing shorts, being casual, sun, heat, water-related activities, and a thriving vegetable garden. The summer feels free to me. I just love that feeling and wonder how it might be living in a place where one doesn’t experience the contrast of the seasons as much. I prefer the four seasons as they provide a change in my environment: some of which I love and other parts not so much! Either way, the contrast of these seasonal changes help me to appreciate each new season. And right now I’m in the middle of the summer and I love it!

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