Appreciating Tea – Day 15

DSC_0413_2 DSC_0415_2

I love tea and I love all kinds of it. Some years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Japan, where I discovered “macha” tea: the green tea powder. But what was really special about it was participating in a tea ceremony. The rituals, the sharing, the reflection and the quietitude of the experience are really quite special.

When I consciously am “present” with any tea that I drink, I can make my own ritual out of it. By taking deep breaths, pausing, being present and saying positive affirmations, I often create my own tea ceremony at home. It can be truly a meditative experience.

We can be consciously present about any drink or food we partake, if we slow down and make that choice. In doing so, we can realize what we often take for granted: the abundance in our lives. Our bodies can better receive what we put in them when we slow down and appreciate as we eat and drink, too.

So today I’m appreciating tea, the ceremony back in Japan plus the ones I’ve created here in my home, and the reminder that conscious eating and drinking creates a special peace within me, and more appreciation and gratitude for the things I eat and drink.


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