I Appreciate Bees – Day 28

BEE the beauty of your world I appreciate bees for their role in our ecosystem. I appreciate that there are many fruits, plants and flowers that depend upon the bee to pollinate and cross-pollinate. I appreciate bee-keepers who take care of bees, especially in times when the population is declining. Bees are beautiful and necessary in our ecosystem. I appreciate learning about some of the foods that depend upon bees to survive. The list includes alfalfa, beets, cherries, cucumbers, grapes. peaches, strawberries, sunflowers, watermelon and more.

Bees are beautiful, even if we don’t like their sting. I remember how my dad taught me not to fear the bee: to stay still if they fly around me. It taught me to be calm in a tense situation. I have been around a lot of bees in my life but never have been stung. And that’s a beautiful thing to appreciate! 🙂

Today’s post about bees reminded me that if we want to find beauty, we must “bee” beauty: especially on the inside. And that’s a sweet thing – just like the honey that bees make, which I appreciate very much!

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