I Appreciate Journaling – Day 40

Journal with pen appreciationI have always loved to write. Journaling is something that I’ve done over the years, through tween days, college, and mid-life. I appreciate the power of writing something down, of scripting scenarios as if they were already true, of jotting down a poem that rises from my heart, of daily appreciation journaling, or a burst of inspired ideas that creatively flow onto the paper or onto my blogs. While there are online journals and other electronic ways of writing, I really appreciate the simple pen and paper the best. I love collecting lots of different journals and choose the one that feels just right for my next writing endeavor.

Recently a friend of mine gave me a bunch of journals she was going to donate and I really am appreciating them. Not only are they beautiful, but the fact that they came as an unexpected gift from my friend makes them extra special! Thank you, my friend!

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