Let’s Celebrate The Lottery Winners

Photo courtesy of PHPhoto.org
Photo courtesy of PHPhoto.org

The Powerball lottery jackpot is expected to reach around 1.3 billion dollars this week, the highest in all the world’s history of lotteries. When you talk to people, there’s excitement in the air with people dreaming and sharing what they’d do with their winnings. You also hear the nay-sayers, too, who point out the odds of winning.  Those nay-sayers are my unwanted contrast and a reminder that I love to bask in the feeling of fun, excitement and celebration of winning. Feelings of excitement for what is to come and for the possibilities of realizing dreams is what makes playing the lottery fun for me. It unites strangers in conversations that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. I see clerks smiling and laughing as they give out tickets, too. Everyone is talking about it, so people are more engaged with each other. That’s such a good thing to see and feel. I appreciate how the possibility of winning a lottery jackpot brings people together in a vibe of excitement, joy and fun.

When I turn on my TV or am on the internet, I hear and see stories of past lottery winners who either lost it all or are in debt. I’m really tired of hearing these negative stories! Aren’t you? Wouldn’t it be nice to focus on stories of all those people who have won the lottery that are doing quite well? Wouldn’t it be nice to hear their stories of how they paid off their debts, set their families up in an abundance of financial security, took their dream vacations of a lifetime, bought a house, gave generously to causes they care about and other success stories?

Pointing out the odds and focusing on the people for whom handling all that financial abundance didn’t go so well is taking away from the good vibes of excitement, fun, and the joy of winning. It creates doubts, fears or a let-down, frankly, if you allow others to influence you about your chances of realizing any of your dreams, whether it’s winning the lottery or going for that dream job, for example.

Instead, let’s celebrate the winners! Let’s celebrate that we are in it to win it! After all, you have to play in order to win. Let’s celebrate that we have the finances to play and be happy if we win or not! Let’s not judge who wins or wish for a group to win it, as opposed to an individual. In law of attraction terms, that’s splitting up your energy of being happy only for certain people, so you can’t possibly attract pure joy in that. Let’s be happy for whoever wins!  Let’s celebrate the joys we’ve had in the journey of playing the lottery and be happy, no matter the result.

We’ll all be happier when we quit casting doubts and fears about our chances in life, when we quit feeling jealous of what others have and we find a way to celebrate the little things in our lives and exercise our imagination about what is possible.  Appreciation is our best friend for happiness. I celebrate whenever I find money, even a penny I find on the ground. I celebrate I have the funds to pay my bills, too.

So celebrate and appreciate where you’re at right now. With the lottery jackpot being so high, I celebrate that I can stretch my imagination of what I’d do with all that money and stretching my imagination is something to celebrate! I’m appreciating and savoring the fun in all of this, just as I do when I find a penny on the ground. And if you can’t feel excitement for finding a penny, I suggest you start a daily habit of appreciating. When you appreciate daily, you may just find more pennies or a dime. Or maybe that lottery jackpot! Can you imagine? I can!

So let’s have fun and celebrate the lottery winners, no matter what!

Appreciating Tea – Day 15

DSC_0413_2 DSC_0415_2

I love tea and I love all kinds of it. Some years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Japan, where I discovered “macha” tea: the green tea powder. But what was really special about it was participating in a tea ceremony. The rituals, the sharing, the reflection and the quietitude of the experience are really quite special.

When I consciously am “present” with any tea that I drink, I can make my own ritual out of it. By taking deep breaths, pausing, being present and saying positive affirmations, I often create my own tea ceremony at home. It can be truly a meditative experience.

We can be consciously present about any drink or food we partake, if we slow down and make that choice. In doing so, we can realize what we often take for granted: the abundance in our lives. Our bodies can better receive what we put in them when we slow down and appreciate as we eat and drink, too.

So today I’m appreciating tea, the ceremony back in Japan plus the ones I’ve created here in my home, and the reminder that conscious eating and drinking creates a special peace within me, and more appreciation and gratitude for the things I eat and drink.

Appreciating Banana Bread – Day 10

It may seem as if my posts are “random” but any energy of appreciation is a very good thing. We can appreciate little things, big things, major events, people, circumstances, and just ANYTHING. The important part is to remember to appreciate!

As part of my renewed commitment to post in my 41 days of Appreciating Rampages Facebook group, I’m now on Day 10 and today I’m appreciating banana bread! It’s something I grew up with and something I love to bake. My mom taught me to throw those ripe bananas in the freezer for a “rainy day of baking” later and then defrost them when you want to do some batches. This is how I bake banana bread.

Banana Bread on Thanksgiving Day

It’s a great feeling knowing that I’m not wasting the bananas that ripen, and that I’m creating something really yummy that I can then share with my world of family and friends. As I usually bake several batches at once, I always end up giving some to others and that feels really good.

Some people look for evidence in their bank account to “see” abundance showing up in their lives. The beauty of a daily practice of appreciation is that one can see and feel many signs of abundance.  I appreciate that banana bread is one of the signs of great abundance in my life. So thank you, banana bread! It feels good to make you, to share you with others and you taste delicious, too!


I Appreciate Unexpected Money in the Mail! – Day 4

Photo courtesy of PHPhoto.org
Photo courtesy of PHPhoto.org

Woo hoo! I really appreciate abundance in my life, and how it shows up in unexpected ways. Abundance isn’t just about money but this rampage of appreciation is all about that!

I love how I receive unexpected money when I align myself to a better feeling vibe. I’ve been shifting my vibe lately, making time for myself and deliberately slowing down to experience the “now.” I came home yesterday to find two unexpected checks in the mail!

One was part of a class action lawsuit against a bank I used to frequent. It felt really good since I had no idea I was part of the group and I didn’t have to do any fighting to get it.  Easy! The other was another rebate of an insurance premium because they had “a very good year.” This is the 3rd time that this has happened to me with this insurance company (which just happens to be located in my home state of Iowa) and I have to say each time it’s a joyful surprise.

The amount of money isn’t the issue for my excitement – it’s the excitement and fun of getting the surprise abundance in ways that I was not focusing on!  l absolutely LOVE when that happens! So since I’m appreciating joyful surprises of abundance, that means there’s a lot more on the way. YAY! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

I’m convinced that refocusing myself on writing down my rampages of appreciation daily is a key reason why I’m creating fun and easy joyful surprises.  If you’re just reading my blog now, I invite you to join in on my Facebook group called 41 Days of Appreciating Rampages and appreciate away!