I Appreciate My Body – Day 37

I appreciate my body! It works in so many ways! Let me list some here: my eyes that see, my hair that curls, my lips and tongue that speak, my skin that feels like a baby in some places, my arms that can carry, my hands that can type, write and play instruments, my voice that can sing, talk and laugh, my ears that can hear, my nose that can smell the sweet flowers of summer, my breasts that gave milk during my child-bearing years, my knees that can bend, my elbows that can also bend, my feet that ground me, my toes I can wiggle, my legs that move, climb stairs and get me places, my neurological system, my digestive system, my reproductive system, my low blood pressure, my brain that thinks, my smile, my teeth that help chew food, my curves which make me feel sexy, my fingernails that I can paint, my ankles for their support, and my heart that is the epicenter of my entire being. Thank you, heart, for always working, for feelings and for receiving and giving the energy of love. You are the jewel in the treasure chest of my body! I appreciate my body!Heart made with Indian adornment