An Apple A Day

You’ve probably heard that saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” While the saying is a reminder for us to eat healthy foods and incorporate daily habits which promote our overall well-being, that’s not exactly what this post is about.  I recently was watching Oprah Winfrey on her Life Class and she talked the importance of keeping an appreciation or gratitude journal. She says it’s the most important thing she has ever done. She’s been writing 5 things she’s grateful for everyday for 16 years! The show reminded me that I haven’t been as diligent at keeping my own journal, although I have done so off and on over time. (Here’s the link where Oprah talks about the importance of an appreciation/gratitude journal.)

Gratitude Journal from Oprah’s Life Class

Today I’m so grateful for the reminder of the importance of giving this gift to myself and to others when I take the time to write down what I appreciate. I say it’s a gift to others, because I know that the energy I give out is what I also attract. When we focus on appreciating, amazing things show up. Suddenly, there is “evidence” everywhere of the beauty in our lives. There IS something magical when you write your appreciations down.  As I write this now, I can hear my inner voice saying that I have the perfect opportunity to do that on this blog. I am committing to renewing my habit of writing down my appreciations in a journal everyday. My intention is that this habit will stick with me – like eating an apple a day. And while I’m not intending to write on this blog daily, I do expect to be inspired to write a bit more frequently here.

Interestingly, 4 days ago I started my daily listing of 5 things I’m grateful for and since then, I’ve received a beautiful note from a Facebook friend, expressing her appreciation for connecting with me and where this led her; I made two big sales from an affiliate product I very passively list on another blog; an international student stopped by to give me a hug as she said “goodbye” to the United States and thanked me for everything; my boss approved my vacation request for the summer; and the weather report for today says that the sun will shine again in New York City! (It’s been raining all week.) Wow. That’s 5 things right there.

See how easy it is?  There is “evidence” everywhere to appreciate. I’m taking Oprah’s advice and challenging myself to develop this habit of writing down 5 things I appreciate each day.  I can’t wait to see what else shows up! Won’t you join me?