Today’s Funnies!

I appreciate laughter and the joy it brings in my life and others. Laughter is so contagious, too, so it’s good to spread it around.

One of my friends on Facebook shared this video of a prank.  I don’t always find pranks funny but I really loved this one. It shows how impatient we can get! Sometimes you just have to laugh at ourselves. I appreciate that I can do that often. Hope you enJOY the video!

I Appreciate Funny TV Shows – Day 26

I love TV shows that make me laugh! I appreciate the writers who can think of stuff that’s funny, the actors and the whole production crew that makes it a show. I appreciate channels that show old TV shows that are now just as funny as they were “back in the day.” I appreciate humor that still is funny, even after having been translated into other languages.

Today, I’m remembering “I Love Lucy.” I just love Lucy, Ethel, Fred and Ricky! Those shows are classics! I can watch and re-watch the same episodes and still bust out in a LOL way! 🙂

Appreciating Lucy, Languages, Cultures and Laughter

Today would have been Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday. I think Lucy was one of the funniest people ever and I love the “I Love Lucy” shows. Today Google is showing a very cute show on the main page for those that haven’t seen it yet! You really should try searching something and click on the old tv set and its channels to take a look! Isn’t that such a creative thing?

For my appreciation of Lucy and the tons of laughter and joy she brought to my life, I’m posting the piece about counterfeit money in Paris. It’s hilarious and reminds me of how much I appreciate my work in international education, the learning of foreign languages and cultures and how much I will always love Lucy and laughter!  EnJOY!