I Appreciate Following My Own Path – Day 16

Go Your Own Way Life presents us with choices in life and there are many! Society, family, friends and “experts” may tell us what we “should” do. Decisions are made: some with regret, but living a life of regret serves no real purpose than to make yourself unhappy. While others may mean well, these influences can guide us, but if we don’t follow what lights our fire, life won’t be a lot of fun. I don’t know about you, but I believe that life is supposed to be fun! If we’re not having much fun, then it’s time to follow a different path.

I haven’t always followed my own gut instincts, but when I do, I get a confirmation every time that this is the way that makes me happy. I appreciate today that I am following my own path. I appreciate my “knowing” that when I’m feeling passionate and “on fire” about something, that it’s a Divine message that I’m following my purpose in life.

I have to say that I am getting really good at this. Perhaps I am just listening more as I grow older, or perhaps it’s part of life’s cycle of maturity in that I don’t give a hoot what others think! 😉 I don’t really care to analyze it – just appreciate it!

I appreciate that my way is my way and most likely different from yours. It would get too crowded if we all went the same way! (hee hee). So go your own way and appreciate yourself for the wisdom in knowing that this way is the path of your purpose. If you’re not feeling it, then turn around and try a new way. You won’t get lost if you follow your passion in life.