I Appreciate Trees – Day 6

Change.001I love trees. I have always loved trees. There is something majestic about them. I love all kinds of trees, and especially deciduous trees: I love the changes each season. I love a tree full of leaves in the middle of the summer, with its leaves that make a rustling music with the wind. They sing their own song while they provide a quiet shade from the hot sun of sizzling summer days.   The autumn leaves of all colors that so gently fall to the ground  create works of art in the sky as well as on the ground when the pile of leaves lay below. There’s something so fun about playing in a pile of leaves! Winter branches remind me of the cycle of life: the transitions from life on this planet to moving on to a higher place, and taking time to rest, reflect and renew for the upcoming springtime.  Spring buds give such promise and excitement of a new birth, new lives and new journeys that blossom once again into summer fullness. The cycle repeats. Change is indeed inevitable and the tree grows stronger.

Oh, if trees could only talk! Imagine what stories they could tell! I appreciate trees!