I Love Photo Booth! – Day 24

One of my fun things to play around with is my iMac computer. And I absolutely love Photo Booth! It’s so much fun! I appreciate creative innovations that allow us to create fun photos with just a few clicks. I just love to laugh and playing around with Photo Booth makes me laugh! Here are a few of my crazy creations! I appreciate that I can laugh with myself on Photo Booth! hee hee
Photo on 2012-07-14 at 23.38 #2

Photo on 2012-08-10 at 13.07 #2

Photo on 2012-08-10 at 13.17

4-up on 2012-07-14 at 23.44

Appreciating Photography Tools – Day 1

Expand your thinking 'out there1-I am finally back to blogging, after almost 8 months away! I appreciate the experiences and people and places I’ve seen in these past months and right now I’m really appreciating getting back to some of my regular routine habits. This blog is all about appreciation and gratitude and while I haven’t been posting much, I do appreciate everyday. In the past few months, I’ve done less appreciating by writing it down, however, and I’m feeling the pull to get back to what I know for sure: writing it down makes it more powerful. So, in that spirit, I am committing to my Facebook group of 41 Days of Appreciating Rampages once again. You are all welcome to join! Today will be Day 1. I’ve decided to use this blog as my post there, so expect content here for the next 40 days. 🙂

Today I am appreciating the wonders of all the photography tools, and especially the free ones! I spent the past few days playing around with PicMonkey. The images on this blog post are some of my photos “enhanced and expanded” with PicMonkey. I love the ease of playing with the features, the ease in downloading the work to my computer, the amazing options that are absolutely free, and the FUN stuff they have on there!

PeaceI have always loved photography and remember the days when I  used a simple Kodak camera to document my experience studying abroad in Argentina. That little thing captured some pretty good photos.  But what was really exciting was my first  35 mm camera – a Pentax K1000 and I love that I still have it, use it occasionally and it still very much delivers!

While I love the the “old school” world of photography, I am really appreciating the digital world, too.  I get amazing photos from my Nikon, and even my iPhone, and instant gratification in “seeing” the work right away. Oh, and I can’t forget the “panoramic” tool on the iPhone5 – it’s just so cool to create with! Tools like Instagram are addicting, fun and creative, too! I really appreciate the convenience of digital photography with social media. Everyone becomes an instant photographer and we can “see” the world through their eyes.

I love how all of these tools allow people to create and share with the world. There is something magical about looking at beautiful photos and I love getting caught up in it. It’s as if the photograph takes me there. I can visualize about beautiful places I’ve been to or intend to visit, or remember how beautiful a simple little creature is through the macro photos of nature. This digital expansion of creative art is exhilarating!

See the light1

Appreciating Photography

There are so many great photographers and photos out there on the internet and I totally appreciate that. I would love to be a better photographer myself and to spend more time doing it. Even if I’m not a professional or even an amateur professsional, I’ve always loved to take pictures. I love my digital camera but haven’t had much time to really play with it. I also really love my old faithful, manual Pentax that I first learned on way back when.

Today’s photography certainly has expanded our world in infinite ways. The internet has certainly given a forum to photographers everywhere to showcase their work, while providing an art form for us to appreciate.  And photo editing sites make “playing” with a photograph fun, too! So today I’m appreciating  photography, the photographers and the internet sites where I can spend time admiring beautiful works of art.

Photo courtesy of http://www.phphoto.org

I am particularly grateful for people who freely share their work, too, and would like to take this space to formally thank the owner at http://www.pdphoto.org for so selflessly making thousands of photos free for people to use in the public domain.  While I use a lot of my own photography in my blogging, on my website and in my email newsletter,  I have also used this site over the years when I don’t have a photo handy. So thanks to this website and its creator! I really appreciate you!

In honor of my appreciation for the site, I’ll just showcase a photo from there so you can all appreciate it, too.

Camera Phones

I am so grateful for the technology of camera phones! I love photography and love to capture moments wherever I go. But before camera phones became so handy (and before cell phones in general were so common), I’d have to carry around a camera in order to capture photos of things, people and nature around me.  While I do have a pretty good camera, I’m finding that these days, I spend more time taking photos with my Blackberry camera! It takes nice photos and is easy to carry along.

So today, I’m grateful for the ease of camera phones and to show my appreciation, I’m sharing a few photos I’ve taken with my Blackberry.