Overslept? Be Happy!

Even though last night we all got an extra hour of sleep here in the United States because we turned back our clocks before going to bed, I ended up oversleeping this morning. I had asked the hotel where I’m staying for a conference for a “wake-up” call that never happened. Consequently, I woke up later (to the tune of my “back-up” plan on my Blackberry phone a half an hour later), and wondered what time it really was. When I realized that I never received the wake-up call and had overslept, I had a choice to make: either feel flustered, frustrated and upset that I was now running late (or) appreciate the extra time I really did have to rest.  As you probably imagine based on my overall theme for this blog, I’ve chosen the latter.

We are all faced with many small choices like this everyday.   Happiness is truly a choice we make, and it starts with these little things that happen in our daily lives. We always have the choice to see the glass as half-full, rather than half-empty.  In doing so, we align ourselves a bit closer to being happy most of the time.

So this morning, I’m grateful for the extra rest. I’m happy that no one really cared about the fact that I was late, and it wouldn’t really matter if they did anyway, as that is their issue.  My job is to be happy and I’m in charge of that by myself.  If I judge my happiness on what other people think, I will be disappointed. If I judge my happiness on how punctually I get up in the morning, then I’ll be judging myself a lot and that would not be a kind, loving way to treat myself.  If I blame the hotel for not setting the wake-up call, I’m going to be attracting that energy back to myself.  So I’m giving myself a break, as well as the hotel for not setting the “wake-up” call when I requested.  I’m going to appreciate instead!

By being late, I met two really nice people this morning at breakfast. In being late, I ran into a colleague as I was coming out of my room.  It sure was good to see her smiling face this morning! The extra sleep was great for my overall well-being and will prepare me for the next two days when I may not get as much sleep.  I appreciate my Blackberry alarm that served as my “back-up,” too.  I love how I got an inspiration to write about this here, too. So I’m choosing to be happy. Isn’t that a good way to start the day?

I’m Grateful for Techniques Like These

People may think that you have to spend long periods of time in meditation in order to be peaceful, heal or to manifest your desires. Yet I have found small doses of “meditative techniques” work what feel like miracles in quieting the mind. Here is one that I recently discovered from Deepak Chopra. I love and appreciate techniques like this! I invite you to watch the video and test it out yourself. You’ll notice that there’s a lot of gratitude going on in the routine, too. 🙂

It’s always good to be grateful and to appreciate. “I am.”

Appreciating The Contrast

When challenges occur in our lives, it’s often difficult to see the blessings contained within them  until later. Yet, time-after-time, it has been my experience in life that there’s always a blessing gained from those “challenging” times.  Even when it seems like you can’t possibly take it any longer, somehow you manage to make it through it.  I know first-hand that “This, too, shall pass.”

Appreciating the contrast (of what you don’t want or have experienced) can be a very powerful tool in defining what you do want and to creating a better life for yourself. Appreciating the contrast can also serve you in that it’s  a “softer” way to accept those life challenges and to move forward with your life in peace.  Hanging around in states of blame, anger, worry, revenge, or just re-telling our “story” over and over again only keeps us in a stagnant place when we could be learning from the experience and enjoying life instead.

What’s past is past. Let it go! You cannot go back and change it anyway, so why beat yourself up going over and over it in your mind, with your stories to others, the complaints or with regret? Whenever we fight against the not-so-positive experiences of our lives, we usually end up with more to fight about (because we attract the same type of thing that we’re fighting by all that focus on it).

So, the beauty is in the appreciation of the contrast. Bless it, learn from it and let it go! After all, no one is perfect or all the same. Isn’t that a wonderful thing, by the way? Imagine how boring it would be if we were all perfect and the same? We’d have no choices, no motivation to grow, and no creativity! It sounds rather dull to me, so I prefer the choices: the contrast.

By being grateful for what comes up (including things that you really don’t want),  you’ll see a positive difference in your outlook on life because you’ll attract much more to be grateful for. And the next time a “challenge” comes along, you’ll get better at dealing with it, too.