I Appreciate Raindrops – Day 36

I appreciate the close-up beauty of raindrops on the surface of a flower, a leaf, grass or any living plant. The formations are unique and when I look closely I am reminded of that life-giving force that connects us all: water. Raindrops give life to growing things and while rain can sometimes change plans for our outdoor events, I do appreciate rain and the drops that are left behind onto a living plant for their beauty and life-giving qualities. Leaf  with raindrops

I Appreciate Clean Water – Day 34

Rippling WaterI really appreciate clean water and don’t take this basic necessity lightly. I love living in a place where clean water is readily available to me, for both drinking, cooking and bathing. I appreciate that I can just turn on a faucet and have clean water at my disposal, as opposed to hauling it miles away to my home on a daily basis. There are those in the world who don’t have clean water and I know I am blessed to be in a place where it’s readily available. Clean water is refreshing, soothing and invigorating to my body and overall health, so I really appreciate that!