I Appreciate These Past 41 Days – Day 41

41 Days FB group on wine barrelsToday is the last day of my 41-day challenge and I appreciate that! As part of my Facebook group on “41 Days of Appreciating Rampages,” I committed to blogging here for 41 days with photos. I am feeling quite good, now that the 41st day is here.

I started the Facebook group ten months ago and have done several rounds of “41 days.” After a break when I let myself get a bit too busy, I decided 41 days ago to be more deliberate through this blog on the next round of 41 days. I’m so glad I did! While this is not the end of my daily appreciation habit, there’s something about reaching the completion of something that feels really good. So today, I’m appreciating these past 41 days, the new blogs I’ve discovered from people commenting or liking my posts and most of all, the joy that comes from this daily practice of appreciating.

All are invited to join my Facebook group and post your joys as your inspiration leads you. There are some wonderful people in the group! I love them all and find reading their posts very uplifting.

I Appreciate Journaling – Day 40

Journal with pen appreciationI have always loved to write. Journaling is something that I’ve done over the years, through tween days, college, and mid-life. I appreciate the power of writing something down, of scripting scenarios as if they were already true, of jotting down a poem that rises from my heart, of daily appreciation journaling, or a burst of inspired ideas that creatively flow onto the paper or onto my blogs. While there are online journals and other electronic ways of writing, I really appreciate the simple pen and paper the best. I love collecting lots of different journals and choose the one that feels just right for my next writing endeavor.

Recently a friend of mine gave me a bunch of journals she was going to donate and I really am appreciating them. Not only are they beautiful, but the fact that they came as an unexpected gift from my friend makes them extra special! Thank you, my friend!

I Appreciate A Good Love Story – Day 39

I love a good love story and there’s none better than the story of the reunion of Christian, the lion, with his original guardians. While the story has been around and shown in numerous places over the years, I never get tired of seeing it! It warms my heart every time I see it!

I Appreciate Dancing Music – Day 38

I do love to dance and I love dancing music. What makes you shuffle your feet may not be the same type of music that shuffles mine, but any music that inspires dancing is definitely something to appreciate!

Here’s one of the “oldies” that always gets me moving! It creates a “boogie wonderland” for me and I appreciate music that stirs a beat within me!

I Appreciate My Body – Day 37

I appreciate my body! It works in so many ways! Let me list some here: my eyes that see, my hair that curls, my lips and tongue that speak, my skin that feels like a baby in some places, my arms that can carry, my hands that can type, write and play instruments, my voice that can sing, talk and laugh, my ears that can hear, my nose that can smell the sweet flowers of summer, my breasts that gave milk during my child-bearing years, my knees that can bend, my elbows that can also bend, my feet that ground me, my toes I can wiggle, my legs that move, climb stairs and get me places, my neurological system, my digestive system, my reproductive system, my low blood pressure, my brain that thinks, my smile, my teeth that help chew food, my curves which make me feel sexy, my fingernails that I can paint, my ankles for their support, and my heart that is the epicenter of my entire being. Thank you, heart, for always working, for feelings and for receiving and giving the energy of love. You are the jewel in the treasure chest of my body! I appreciate my body!Heart made with Indian adornment

I Appreciate Raindrops – Day 36

I appreciate the close-up beauty of raindrops on the surface of a flower, a leaf, grass or any living plant. The formations are unique and when I look closely I am reminded of that life-giving force that connects us all: water. Raindrops give life to growing things and while rain can sometimes change plans for our outdoor events, I do appreciate rain and the drops that are left behind onto a living plant for their beauty and life-giving qualities. Leaf  with raindrops