A Dog’s Love

I have had two dogs in my life and they both meant the world to me. The first one was named Suzy. She was such a very special dog. She wouldn’t bark to wake me up in the morning to say that she had to go outside: she would sit and stare at me until I woke up! A cocker spaniel, she had the most profound eyes and I could always “feel” her gaze those mornings. She would communicate through her eyes with humans: in a way that felt like we were having long conversations everyday.  I guess we were very connected and she just radiated love.

Suzy got along great with the cats I had, too. I was looking through old photos and found this one of Suzy as a puppy with one of my favorite cats, Jiri, as a kitten. The two of them were great pals, growing up together. I think my cat believed he was a dog, quite frankly. (But that’s a story for another day.)

For those who have pets, and particularly dogs, you know how much enjoyment they can be. They have this unconditional-like devotion to their humans that easily puts us in a place of “feeling good” just in their presence. So today, I’m appreciating a dog’s love: that unconditional kind of love they often pour out to their humans. their friendship, their companionship, their devotion to their humans, and the joy that being in their presence brings.

I love those feelings that a dog’s love brings out in humans. I love the feeling that a dog’s love brings out in me. Dogs have the ability to love in a way that brings out the best in us.  It’s no wonder – after all, if you spell dog backwards, you get God. 🙂