Appreciating Amidst The Devastation in Japan

While it seems the entire world is focused on the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan and its destruction, this is the perfect time to ask ourselves what might there be to appreciate about this situation. My dear friend, Jeannette Maw, over at Good Vibe Blog, asked her readers to list the positive from this situation so we can all help Japan.  I made a somewhat long post there on her blog, but then I thought, “Why not come here on this blog all about appreciation and make it here, too?” After all, the more we can shift our focus to find appreciation and love, the better off Japan and the entire world will be. Feel free to add your own.

So here is what I said:

I am so glad for this post, Jeannette, and the opportunity to look at it from a place of appreciation through all of this contrast.

I have much love for Japan and its people. My experience there as a Fulbrighter almost 2 years ago was one of the memorable experiences of my life, for which I truly appreciate. The kindness of the people, their culture and the beauty of the nation cannot be overstated and the experience all left a lasting imprint of love into my heart.

I began sending them an energy of love right away. I’ve wrapped them in a blanket of love, safety and healing for those that are hurting.

I have found much to appreciate in this situation of such deep contrast. Through my day job, I have many connections to other countries, universities and people around the world, including Japan. I also have a colleague from Japan who works with me, so I was very happy to learn that her family is ok. She feels relieved, which makes her happy and I love seeing and feeling happy for her happiness, too.

I appreciated and felt a relief in hearing from one of our Japanese partners that they are all safe and staying in their offices in Tokyo. He even made a joke in his email, which was so refreshing and I thought how much I appreciate him for his humor, and for his ability to express it in this time.

And here’s to all those people who have jobs in Tokyo, which gives them a place to stay right now!

I am so happy to here that our exchange student over there is ok and has written us back, too. I am happy that most of our students here from Japan have reported that their family and friends are ok, too and I’m intending that they will all communicate with everyone soon.

I’m reminded that those who have “died” have just transitioned. That is comforting.

I love how I can go on Facebook and hear from all of our Japanese alumni living there and know that they are safe and still here. Facebook and the Google technology that allows people to search for missing loved ones is a relief for not only me, but for many searching for their family and friends. Isn’t technology wonderful, and especially in times like these?

Speaking of technology, the biggest appreciation I’ve been feeling lately is for the Japanese engineering and technology in their construction of buildings in Tokyo. Without that high tech ability, many buildings would have fallen and many more people would not now have a place to “live,” and the devastation would have been much worse.

I am appreciative that the Japanese are so organized in their training and orientation to their citizens that people do know what to do in times of earthquakes and disasters like these. I appreciate their advanced warning system they have on their TVs. They are an example to the rest of the world of how we can build our buildings for the general well-being of everyone.

I know that the Japanese custom of neighborhood groups that look out for each other, plus the general culture of group culture will be a very uniting, comforting and re-building force in the months ahead.

I see the images and remember my fond times there: a time I truly appreciate and will always love.

((((((((((((((((((((((((BIG HUG OF LOVE TO JAPAN)))))))))))))))))))))