Dogs Hanging Out of Car Windows

Today’s appreciation goes out to all dogs hanging out of car or truck windows. I’m actually on vacation and we are now dog sitting for a few days. Yesterday’s ride in the car with Stella reminded me how much dogs love hanging out of car windows, so I grabbed my phone and snapped a photo.  With the hot summer air, bugs and all, most dogs just love this. (And I would add that some humans do, too).  I appreciate that dogs don’t care if their fur gets messed up, or if the bugs fly in their face – they just love hanging out of those car windows.

While I don’t claim to be a dog whispererer or a Dr. Doolittle, I do bet if Stella were talking to me when I snapped this photo she’d say, ” It feels good and I feel free! Weeeeeee!”  Ask any dog owner about their dog hanging out of car or truck windows and I bet they’ll all say that their dog loves it.

Seeing Stella yesterday in the car reminded me of an earlier Abraham-Hicks’ seminar where the guest asks “Why do dogs risk getting bugs in their eyes sticking their heads out of car windows?” And the answer was that the guest had just asked the most profound question to date:  ” …because the contrast of the bugs in the eye is a small price to pay for the exhileration of that ride.”

We could all learn a lot from dogs hanging out of car windows : the key to being happy!  BE in the moment, FEEL good, enJOY the ride (including the contrast) and don’t forget to say “Weeeeeee!” 🙂