I Appreciate Bees – Day 28

BEE the beauty of your world I appreciate bees for their role in our ecosystem. I appreciate that there are many fruits, plants and flowers that depend upon the bee to pollinate and cross-pollinate. I appreciate bee-keepers who take care of bees, especially in times when the population is declining. Bees are beautiful and necessary in our ecosystem. I appreciate learning about some of the foods that depend upon bees to survive. The list includes alfalfa, beets, cherries, cucumbers, grapes. peaches, strawberries, sunflowers, watermelon and more.

Bees are beautiful, even if we don’t like their sting. I remember how my dad taught me not to fear the bee: to stay still if they fly around me. It taught me to be calm in a tense situation. I have been around a lot of bees in my life but never have been stung. And that’s a beautiful thing to appreciate! 🙂

Today’s post about bees reminded me that if we want to find beauty, we must “bee” beauty: especially on the inside. And that’s a sweet thing – just like the honey that bees make, which I appreciate very much!

Appreciating Beauty – Day 22

Lavendar Circle
There is always beauty everywhere. Since they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I’m sure that we can all find beauty everywhere. My “beautiful” doesn’t have to be yours and vice-versa. The greatest gift we can give to ourselves is to see the beauty inside ourselves and practice the art of self-love. In doing so, we are able to give our love and beauty to others.

I appreciate my ability to “see” the beauty inside of me and in others. God’s light shines within and outwardly when we see ourselves as God sees us. God sees the beauty in all things. I appreciate my inner and outer beauty, the beauty in everyday things, the beauty of others and particularly the beauty and magical quality of nature.

Appreciating Bambi

I’m in Iowa City/Coralville for the Labor Day weekend and already I’ve had a close encounter with “Bambi.” Of course, it’s not the Disney “Bambi” movie, but with a deer that was grazing in my daughter’s yard in town. Deer around here are fairly plentiful. As I pulled into the driveway, Bambi was actually a lot closer and we had a “stare down” for about a minute or so, before I could get my phone camera out to take a photo. I even was able to drive the car up a bit, roll down my window, and stick my phone out the window without Bambi moving an inch! Then, right before I took the photo, Bambi got a bit shy and moved a bit further away (which is the image I’m posting).

I love how we can share spaces with animals in the “wild” and get along! I’m appreciating their beauty, even though I know there are many who find them a nuisance. I just find deer to be very beautiful creatures and this one is obviously very accustomed to being around people. So today I am appreciating the beauty of deer!