Appreciating the Big Picture

I haven’t given this blog the attention it deserves since I started it. Yet I know the power of gratitude in life: what you appreciate, radiates in your life! So I decided to make a commitment to blog everyday this month both here and at my other blog, Journey of A Spirited Strider, as part of NaBloPoMo month.

I was listening to a recent Abraham-Hicks recording about the importance of our focus. Abe says that we often focus on what’s not going right and really take for granted what is right with our world. Abe goes on to say that there is so much wellness in the world, but we rarely take the time to appreciate the BIG picture.

So in that spirit, my first post for November is all about the big picture.

I am so grateful that the Sun came up today. I love its warmth and how its rays of light brighten up the world around me. I am so grateful for this planet Earth, that rotates and the orbit that it makes around the Sun. I love how we have both a day and a night. I love the seasons, too. It all works together so perfectly, even though we hardly take the time to notice it.

Oh, how I love the canvas that is our sky! I love the blue skies and the clouds that allow my imagination to work overtime in identifying what they’re drawing for me, while they may draw a different picture for the person who is next to me. I love the sky at night and the beautiful moon that seems to change shapes throughout the month, and how it glows. I love the moon next to those twinkling stars that speckle the space and create tons of wishes for people looking at them.

I love the Universe. I love that its infinite. I love how we don’t know much about it, too. I love the opportunity to dream about other worlds, to ponder, to inspire, to theorize, to grow, and to believe. I love how the Universe conjures up infinite ways for us to have an opinion about it. Yet no one really knows. And while we don’t really know, it all works so perfectly. I love that!

Thank you. You are perfect, even though we rarely take the time to notice it. So today I’m making this space to give credit to you! Here’s to the big picture!