I Love My Cat – Day 3

Zelda as shown on Shelter website

After Hurricane Sandy, I rescued a cat from a shelter. You might also say that she rescued me! Of course, we chose each other.  Her previous owners had named her Lindsay, but after two days of thinking I’d call her Daisy, my youngest daughter came up with the name Zelda, and the name stuck. This photo is the one from the shelter website, before we met in person, but I knew when I saw her online that she’d be mine.  I love my cat, Zelda!

A 3 year old and tiny, she is obsessed with this little cardboard box that was within a much larger package. It has become one of her favorite places to hang out!

Zelda in small cardboard box packaging


She makes me laugh because she would only go into the comfy cat bed I got for her when the cardboard was there! lol

Animals bring such joy to one’s life and Zelda is no exception. I love how she is so gentle, loving and talkative! She talks a lot, albeit quietly, and I love all the sounds she makes. She comes when called upon, never scratches (even when she wants to be let go from a human’s arms), and loves to play.

While she’s a little one, she has a big heart. She’d make an excellent therapy cat, as she immediately senses when humans are sad or distressed and talks while jumping on a lap. She soothes the soul. Her gentle, loving spirit has been such a blessing to me these past 7 months.

She is beautiful, inside and out! Patient- extremely patient- she often tests the human who is playing with her, in a game of who can have the most patience! You’ll often find the human waiting and waiting to see when she’ll  jump and catch one of her toys.  (The only exceptions are her Da Bird toy, which she is really crazy about and a cute purple  fuzzy thing that I got her on the first day home.)

She won the praise at the vet clinic for being the best behaved animal of the day! She really is patient and calm, even in circumstances that aren’t that much fun (like a shot at the vet’s office, and having people poke around her body and in her ears).

She sometimes watches TV. This photo is one I took when she was on my lap (one of her favorite places) and was looking toward the TV. The reflection in her eyes made them appear blue. Zelda wih blue eyes

I love how she loves to look at herself in the mirror, too! After all, she is a beauty!Zelda looking at herself in mirror

Zelda has brightened up my life since she came into my family. Even family members who are not known to be cat lovers remark about how great of a cat she is. I love my Zelda and am so appreciative that she’s now a part of my family.

She likes one of my silk pillows from China as a bed these days – so fitting for Princess Zelda!

Zelda on silk pillowP.S. Oh, and in case you didn’t notice: Zelda is a Hawkeye, too! 🙂

“Meow” – In Appreciation of Cats and Kitties

“Meow.” What’s that? I said, “I’m a cat lover!” How about you? I’m also a dog lover (but I’ll save elaborating on that for another post). I grew up with cats and had both dogs and cats in some of my adult life. At this moment in time, I have neither a cat nor a dog, but I have been thinking about getting a pet again for over a year now. With my busy travel schedule, I haven’t felt that the time was right or that I could give my pet the care that she or he deserves. (I also need to check with my landlords that it’s ok!)

Since I’ve been thinking so much about cats, they’ve been hanging out near my place a lot this past year. There’s been several, but I particularly have seen this black cat with white spots a lot. On one of the recent days when I was home sick, as I was washing dishes in the kitchen, I caught something moving out of the corner of my left eye. So I went to the window and much to my surprise, I saw the cat whose been hanging out around my home, her partner and adorable little kitties!  So I pulled out my iPod and recorded a bit through my very dirty window.

I think we can all agree to look past the dirty window and marvel at the playfulness of little kitties! I’ve since cleaned the window up so I can get better views of what they’re doing. It’s clear they’ve made my back yard their home and I’m having fun enjoying all these cats while I can. It was especially enjoyable when I was home sick as they brought a big smile to my face and joy to my heart.

So if you like cats, (or even if you don’t), you’ve got to admit they are cute to watch, don’t you think? EnJOY!

And please excuse that dirty window – “Meow!”

Can You Fit Inside That Box?

My good friends at Good Vibe University recently reminded me of the videos of a Japanese cat named Maru. I’d seen them before, but it’s been awhile since I tuned in. Now I’m glad I did. Maru is such a cute  cat and the videos  are really fun! I appreciate all the people and the cats who make entertaining videos like this one. So here’s one of Maru, who absolutely loves boxes: no matter what their size! I’d say Maru is a perfect example of “out of box” type thinking! Enjoy!