I Appreciate Different Cultures

Open Heart Culture I just returned from a business trip to Vietnam and did a stopover in Dubai on the way home. The photo I took of myself was from the desert safari I took while out in the Arabian Desert.

I appreciate that I have a job in international education that allows me opportunities to learn about and meet people from all different cultures. I appreciate expanding my own world by experiencing the world of others. These experiences have allowed me to grow in so many positive ways and contributed to a greater sense of my own self-awareness. Exposure to other cultures both in my own country and abroad has served me well in knowing myself, in developing empathy for others, in understanding different points of view, and how life truly is better when shared with others.

Engaging with people from other cultures has led me to have a deeper understanding and awareness of how cultural perceptions can cause miscommunication and misunderstandings.  It has helped me to be a better communicator with all kinds of people and to engage in conversations about culture that help me grow and learn more. I always welcome an opportunity to share with others and to learn from them. I really appreciate my field of international education for I am always learning from all the people I meet around the world.

I love people, I value diversity and I value a world filled with acceptance and peace. I appreciate exposure to different cultures and engaging with them as an avenue to bring me and the world a bit closer to each other. I really appreciate my life in international education and it is my hope that every person gets opportunities to engage positively with others who may be different from them, as these are opportunities for personal growth. They are also opportunities for contributing to world peace and understanding.  Life would just be plain boring if we were all the same!













Appreciating Lucy, Languages, Cultures and Laughter

Today would have been Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday. I think Lucy was one of the funniest people ever and I love the “I Love Lucy” shows. Today Google is showing a very cute show on the main page for those that haven’t seen it yet! You really should try searching something and click on the old tv set and its channels to take a look! Isn’t that such a creative thing?

For my appreciation of Lucy and the tons of laughter and joy she brought to my life, I’m posting the piece about counterfeit money in Paris. It’s hilarious and reminds me of how much I appreciate my work in international education, the learning of foreign languages and cultures and how much I will always love Lucy and laughter!  EnJOY!