Appreciating Bambi

I’m in Iowa City/Coralville for the Labor Day weekend and already I’ve had a close encounter with “Bambi.” Of course, it’s not the Disney “Bambi” movie, but with a deer that was grazing in my daughter’s yard in town. Deer around here are fairly plentiful. As I pulled into the driveway, Bambi was actually a lot closer and we had a “stare down” for about a minute or so, before I could get my phone camera out to take a photo. I even was able to drive the car up a bit, roll down my window, and stick my phone out the window without Bambi moving an inch! Then, right before I took the photo, Bambi got a bit shy and moved a bit further away (which is the image I’m posting).

I love how we can share spaces with animals in the “wild” and get along! I’m appreciating their beauty, even though I know there are many who find them a nuisance. I just find deer to be very beautiful creatures and this one is obviously very accustomed to being around people. So today I am appreciating the beauty of deer!