Summer is here!

I appreciate everyday, I really do! You wouldn’t know it by my absence from this blog, though. lol  Today is the firbroccoli spouts on their way upst day of summer and I just love summers. I love the hot weather, the green in all the plants and the vegetables and flowers that flourish. I love the sound of children playing, the smell of grilling in the backyard and the longer days than winter.

Today is the first day of summer and I appreciate I’ve got some vacation time this week. I’m experimenting with sprouts in the kitchen and some new flowers on the porch. I love gardening and while I’m a bit behind this year, I appreciate the thrill of planting and watching it grow. It’s going to be a great season for sure!

I’m Ready for Spring!

It’s been a long time since I wrote on this blog. In fact, it’s been over a year. My absence doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate everyday, however. I’ve been busy and really didn’t feel like writing for awhile. Those that know me know that if I’m not feeling it, I don’t do it. 🙂


Today I’m feeling that spring is so near. While some parts of the New York area had some snow last night, I saw the spring flowers in my backyard coming through when I looked out my window so I walked outside to snap a photo.  This is always such an exciting time of change. I love the different seasons.

Today I appreciate that I live in a place where I have four seasons but honestly, I’m really ready for spring! How about you?

Appreciating Beauty – Day 22

Lavendar Circle
There is always beauty everywhere. Since they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I’m sure that we can all find beauty everywhere. My “beautiful” doesn’t have to be yours and vice-versa. The greatest gift we can give to ourselves is to see the beauty inside ourselves and practice the art of self-love. In doing so, we are able to give our love and beauty to others.

I appreciate my ability to “see” the beauty inside of me and in others. God’s light shines within and outwardly when we see ourselves as God sees us. God sees the beauty in all things. I appreciate my inner and outer beauty, the beauty in everyday things, the beauty of others and particularly the beauty and magical quality of nature.