I Appreciate My Country – Day 27

8672301046 I appreciate my country! Here’s some reasons why: freedom, choice, laws, due process, opportunities, voting, grassroots democracy, running water, electricity, abundance of resources, history, culture, cities, towns, countryside, football, baseball, volunteerism, mountains, plains, community centers, deserts, National Parks, the men and women who serve her, highways, roads, fields, skyscrapers, monuments, choices, freedom to move around, travel, small towns, holidays, Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains, parades, fireworks, beaches, seasons, Thanksgiving holiday, diversity, and last, but not least – even our system of government. While there’s bickering and disagreement often amongst the people who are in public service, I do appreciate that each citizen has the right to vote! Did I mention that I appreciate the choices here? (I think I’ve mentioned it at least 3 times!) Choices and freedoms are what this country is all about and I appreciate that I have this forum to publicly thank my country! This is a freedom I don’t take for granted. It is a freedom that sometimes people forget when they express the “love it or leave it” mentality. I appreciate the freedom in being able to have an opinion, and the respect for the diversity of opinions and the ability to speak or write my opinion freely. I know I am fortunate to having been born in the United States of America! So Happy Birthday, USA! I appreciate you!

Appreciating Country Roads – Day 23

Being from Iowa, I have traveled many a country road. I learned to drive on dirt, gravel, blacktops and highways but I love country roads the best. I really appreciate country roads for the feeling of freedom they invoke with their wide open spaces and less traveled paths. There’s not much traffic on them and there’s a lot of landscape to see. When there is traffic, the “stranger” usually waves! They’re not really a “stranger” after all, but a sign of friendliness from the people I encounter in more rural places. There’s a feeling of connectedness that comes from being out in the country and on a country road.

I appreciate country roads for the views along the way, in the ditches, fields, or in the sky. I appreciate the wonders of nature that are evident from traveling down a country road. I appreciate the wildlife that I see along a country road. I really enjoy the sky from a country road and some of the most beautiful sunsets, shining stars, unusual cloud formations and spectacular lightning storms have been seen from a country road. Living in New York, I don’t see a lot of country roads these days. But whenever I do, it feels like home.

With that, I’m reminded of John Denver’s song, Country Roads. Take me home, country roads! 🙂


Today is Election Day in the United States. Having visited countries where its citizens do not have that privilege, as well as having relatives in another country who were denied life opportunities because they chose to voice their opinion about their government, and remembering my visits there where we often had to lower our voices when we discussed politics in the privacy of a home, out of fear that “someone” was listening, I totally know and appreciate my right to vote.

Just some “food for thought” for those who think that voting isn’t worth it anymore. Enough said! I’m off to exercise this privilege and so grateful that I have it! Thank you!