I Appreciate Singing! – Day 5

Bird on Cow from PDPhoto dot org
Photo Courtesy of PHPhoto.org

What do cows have to do with singing? For me, they were probably my first real “audience” as a singer (aside from my parents). When I was a little girl, I used to sit on a fence at the end of my dead-end street in my small town in Iowa and sing to the cows that were in the field there. They were a very captive audience! They would gather round and listen to me very intently. I can still see their faces but most of all, I can still remember that feeling of singing to them and how it lit up my soul inside.

I love to sing and appreciate that I have vocal chords that still work to do an “ok” job of it now. There were times in my life when I was singing daily.  Singing fills my heart with joy and makes me feel alive. I would say that singing is one of my passions: something that I would be happy doing as a career. But I didn’t follow that path and I appreciate that it’s really never too late to pursue it now, if I decided just that.  I also appreciate that I don’t have to be in a singing career in order to sing.  Singing doesn’t require any instrument, except our own voice. While I play several instruments, I love singing most of all.

I appreciate really good singers like Barbra Streisand,  Celine Dion, Cristina Aguillera and Kelly Clarkson. I love singers that give me chills when I listen to them and I love to experience that feeling when I sing, too.  I appreciate singers of all musical genres. I also really, really love singing shows on TV!  My fave show is The Voice!  I appreciate how there are no age limits on that show, and that the initial “judging” is done entirely by listening to the contestants’ voices.

I love to sing anywhere – but lately have been singing more privately in my home, my car and yes, in the shower! I feel inspired by singing. What inspires you?

The Beatles on iTunes

Recently, the music of The Beatles became available on iTunes. I am grateful that this has finally come about! As a huge fan of The Beatles, I had many of their LP’s and I’m really looking forward to downloading the music I want directly from iTunes.  The Beatles’ music for me is timeless (but the videos of them surely show the age!) 🙂  Now, many generations of people will have access to the wonderful songs of The Beatles. Today I’m appreciating that.

Here’s “Something” for you to listen to and watch! Enjoy!

¡Música en Español!

While I am a native speaker of English, I also know Spanish. I have to say that I’m very appreciative of the opportunities in my life that led to learning another language, too. One of the reasons I love Spanish so much is that I can appreciate the full experience of the music in Spanish.  I’m a romantic and there are many romantic songs in Spanish that are true poetry set to beautiful music, with orchestras and great singers.  Music is and always be a big part of my life and over the years, I’ve come to know many Spanish-speaking artists’ works and to appreciate them.

Here’s one I really like, sung by Luis Miguel for you to enjoy! It’s called Motivos.

Good Morning!

Good morning! What a wonderful way to wake up and feel good! I so appreciate musicals and want to share this classic piece with you this morning.  Music and dance are wonderful ways to feel good. Enjoy and have a great day everyone!

Songs That Make You Feel Good

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love music and most forms of it. Music can influence us in so many ways: by drowning in our sorrows to uplifting our souls and everything in between. For me, any song that either makes me laugh or makes me feel like dancing is a wonderful way to raise my spirit and feel good.

Now there are MANY songs that I can put here but today I am grateful for one in particular. It’s a song from the disco era of the 70’s and it’s Boogie Wonderland, from the fabulous group Earth, Wind and Fire.  When I watch this version, I can’t help but  laugh and smile at all the fun they were having singing, dancing, twirling trumpets, tossing tamborines and dancing tangos with their guitars! It makes me feel really good and gets me dancing everytime.

So, thank you for this song, Earth, Wind and Fire! Some thirty years later, I still feel really good hearing it. Shall we dance?