I Appreciate Musicals – Day 32

I just love musicals. This one just brightens my day. This song and dance number from Singing in The Rain is one of my all-time favorites. It makes me smile and it’s so uplifting!

Broadway Shows

Today I’m really appreciating Broadway shows. I love how easy it is to get last-minute tickets, too. I just did that last night for a performance tonight. What a wonderful way to start the Thanksgiving holiday–with excellent theatrical performances from top-notch actors, actresses and dancers in the business! I’m so grateful for Broadway, where scenes come alive right in front of my eyes and I can sit back and immerse myself in the plot of the story. So I’m appreciative and grateful for these wonderful creative works that provide entertainment to many from all over the world. Thank you, Broadway!

Good Morning!

Good morning! What a wonderful way to wake up and feel good! I so appreciate musicals and want to share this classic piece with you this morning.  Music and dance are wonderful ways to feel good. Enjoy and have a great day everyone!