Today is my final day of blogging everyday for the month of November and I’ve done it on two blogs! I did it as part of the National Blogging Month (NaBloPoMo). When I first started out with this personal challenge for myself, it came after months of inactivity blogging.  While my main blog, Journey of A Spirited Strider, has been quite active since I started it in 2007, I hadn’t written on it or anywhere since mid-July of this year. My mother died this summer and I just didn’t have the motivation to write.  But after an inspiration from Nancy Barry-Jansson, and after seeing the NaBloPoMo challenge (which I had attempted to do some years ago), it gave me the incentive to get back here to write.

Since I am a huge fan of appreciation everyday anyway, I figured it wouldn’t be that difficult to find topics. And  it wasn’t. When we appreciate, we attract more in which to appreciate!  In other words, a daily practice of appreciation creates opportunities to look at our everyday world in a new light.  We automatically see the positive, rather than the negative in a situation, we set the tone for “having a great day” everyday and we are generally happier. It’s a great habit to get into.

So while I won’t be posting everyday from now on, I suspect I’ll be coming back here a bit more often as I’m reminded of how powerful it is to write down one’s appreciations.


I’ve got one day left of the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), where we blog everyday for the month of November! It wouldn’t be complete here without sending my appreciation to my friends at GoodVibeUniversity (GVU for short).  I so appreciate this site and all of the people who are there. I love how just by signing in, I’m able to get uplifted in a second by all of the positive energy! It’s THE place to learn from top notch law of attraction coaches, and especially from GVU’s creator, also known as Good Vibe Coach, Jeannette Maw! She gives so generously of her time and talents and I  appreciate her very much! I appreciate everyone, especially those who consistently take the time to comment on posts and to give very inspiring insights, time after time. I love the Treasure Hunt fun and the rampages of appreciation, the Outsourcerers who are so very powerful and all of the special calls that are hosted and the recordings that are available (as I usually cannot make them ‘live’).

It would be impossible for me to recall all of the people there that I appreciate now, so I’m giving everyone there a BIG HUG and a “shout out” in appreciation today because I love you all!  Thank you for your insights, your friendship and for what’s to come!

Appreciating the Big Picture

I haven’t given this blog the attention it deserves since I started it. Yet I know the power of gratitude in life: what you appreciate, radiates in your life! So I decided to make a commitment to blog everyday this month both here and at my other blog, Journey of A Spirited Strider, as part of NaBloPoMo month.

I was listening to a recent Abraham-Hicks recording about the importance of our focus. Abe says that we often focus on what’s not going right and really take for granted what is right with our world. Abe goes on to say that there is so much wellness in the world, but we rarely take the time to appreciate the BIG picture.

So in that spirit, my first post for November is all about the big picture.

I am so grateful that the Sun came up today. I love its warmth and how its rays of light brighten up the world around me. I am so grateful for this planet Earth, that rotates and the orbit that it makes around the Sun. I love how we have both a day and a night. I love the seasons, too. It all works together so perfectly, even though we hardly take the time to notice it.

Oh, how I love the canvas that is our sky! I love the blue skies and the clouds that allow my imagination to work overtime in identifying what they’re drawing for me, while they may draw a different picture for the person who is next to me. I love the sky at night and the beautiful moon that seems to change shapes throughout the month, and how it glows. I love the moon next to those twinkling stars that speckle the space and create tons of wishes for people looking at them.

I love the Universe. I love that its infinite. I love how we don’t know much about it, too. I love the opportunity to dream about other worlds, to ponder, to inspire, to theorize, to grow, and to believe. I love how the Universe conjures up infinite ways for us to have an opinion about it. Yet no one really knows. And while we don’t really know, it all works so perfectly. I love that!

Thank you. You are perfect, even though we rarely take the time to notice it. So today I’m making this space to give credit to you! Here’s to the big picture!