Appreciating Treasures – Day 18

Look for treasure I always was fascinated with the idea of the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. As a young child, I could find treasures in anything I found outside: a dandelion, a piece of shiny rock, a robin’s egg that fell from a nest, a fossil carved into a rock, or a beach shell. Items like these felt like real treasures to me because they were shiny, colorful, fun, and exciting.

I appreciate today that wonder that I felt as a child for all the treasures I would find. I appreciate that I still find treasures today, when I choose to be more observant and present. I appreciate living in the present moment for the treasures that it reveals all around me. I appreciate the treasures of family, friends, and colleagues who shine up my life with joy. I appreciate that anything and anyone can be seen as a treasure in life, if I appreciate!

I Appreciate This Present Moment – Day 2

Now is all there is

In The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle writes, “It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.” I truly appreciate that I understand this power of now: the empowerment that comes with knowing that I can choose to spend my life rehashing the past or concerning myself about what could be – either way, I am doing so in a moment of NOW.  Whether we are thinking about the past, present or future, we are doing it NOW. That truly is all there is. And as I write this, I realize that with each letter I type, it’s no longer “now.” 🙂

I appreciate now. Just NOW. This present moment. That is all there is.

I appreciate that I know the power of this present moment. I appreciate knowing that I can make each moment meaningful. I can make each moment count. I appreciate knowing that when life feels like it’s rolling too fast, I can  center myself back to the NOW.  I appreciate the present moment to slow down, take a breath and feel the NOW. I appreciate the meditative vibration of NOW, the prayers of NOW, the smiles of NOW, the observation of NOW, the joys of NOW, and the unwanted contrast of NOW. I appreciate that by focusing on now, I can move myself into a state of acceptance and observation and find appreciation- no matter what is happening.  I appreciate the blessings for myself and others when I am fully present in this moment of now.

Right here, right NOW. I appreciate this moment of serenity as I write this rampage of appreciation for each moment of now that I’m experiencing.  I appreciate this moment of now- as you read this appreciation rampage.  I appreciate you for being here. I appreciate this present moment. NOW is all there is.