I Appreciate Funny TV Shows – Day 26

I love TV shows that make me laugh! I appreciate the writers who can think of stuff that’s funny, the actors and the whole production crew that makes it a show. I appreciate channels that show old TV shows that are now just as funny as they were “back in the day.” I appreciate humor that still is funny, even after having been translated into other languages.

Today, I’m remembering “I Love Lucy.” I just love Lucy, Ethel, Fred and Ricky! Those shows are classics! I can watch and re-watch the same episodes and still bust out in a LOL way! 🙂

I Love Lucy!

As a kid, I always loved watching the “I Love Lucy” show. Today I am so grateful for reruns, for clips of fun episodes of old shows way back when, and DVD collections to bring these memories into our homes. This clip is a “classic” and I just love it! I wonder how many takes they had to do to get this episode filmed? I don’t think I’d make it through without laughing and having to do many takes!

So today I’m appreciating the “I Love Lucy” show and the way in which it made millions laugh (and continues to do so now). Enjoy!