I Appreciate Following My Own Path – Day 16

Go Your Own Way Life presents us with choices in life and there are many! Society, family, friends and “experts” may tell us what we “should” do. Decisions are made: some with regret, but living a life of regret serves no real purpose than to make yourself unhappy. While others may mean well, these influences can guide us, but if we don’t follow what lights our fire, life won’t be a lot of fun. I don’t know about you, but I believe that life is supposed to be fun! If we’re not having much fun, then it’s time to follow a different path.

I haven’t always followed my own gut instincts, but when I do, I get a confirmation every time that this is the way that makes me happy. I appreciate today that I am following my own path. I appreciate my “knowing” that when I’m feeling passionate and “on fire” about something, that it’s a Divine message that I’m following my purpose in life.

I have to say that I am getting really good at this. Perhaps I am just listening more as I grow older, or perhaps it’s part of life’s cycle of maturity in that I don’t give a hoot what others think! 😉 I don’t really care to analyze it – just appreciate it!

I appreciate that my way is my way and most likely different from yours. It would get too crowded if we all went the same way! (hee hee). So go your own way and appreciate yourself for the wisdom in knowing that this way is the path of your purpose. If you’re not feeling it, then turn around and try a new way. You won’t get lost if you follow your passion in life.

I Love My Iowa Hawkeyes!

I have a passion for college football, and particularly for my Iowa Hawkeyes team. They are my team and have been since I can remember. I’m originally from Iowa and particularly from the Iowa City area, so it follows that I’m a true Iowa Hawkeye fan. So if you add on a couple of degrees from the University to that, you have a recipe for a true fanatic. Then again, if you’re from anywhere in Iowa, you’re likely to either be a Hawkeye,  Cyclone or Panther fan. (Cyclones are the ones at Iowa State and the Panthers are from the University of Northern Iowa).   And if you dare to get confused on which school is which, watch out! The fans will set you straight right away.

Why do I love my Iowa Hawkeyes and college football in general so much? Let me give you a taste of what it means to me and how much I really appreciate it all.

I love the anticipation of  the weekly Saturday game, the camaraderie of talking about the upcoming game with other fans, the planning on where to watch it (or) where to tailgate and what to wear, if I have tickets and can travel back for the game, the suspense and controversy over the weekly football rankings, the unity of the fans brought together toward a common goal, the excitement inside the stadium, full of rituals like the marching band, the tunnel and the players who join hands together entering the stadium like a herd of hungry cattle rushing into a pasture of green grass to eat, the coordinated effort of which color to wear for a particular game, the celebration of every first down, and particularly those key plays like interceptions, forced fumbles and 70 yard + touchdown runs, the energy of a stadium full of fans cheering on their team, the excitement of the players as they encourage fans to yell loudly by waving their hands up and down, the noise from the crowd of the opposing team’s 3rd down attempt, cheering our defense on,  the appreciation of the fans by the players when after a win on the road when the team gathers to sing the “Iowa Fight Song” together with their fans…..

….I could go on and on but it’s time to take a deep breath! 🙂 What is evident about being a Hawkeye fan is that we are extremely passionate and loyal to our team. I “survived” the years of Iowa Hawkeye football where we used to hold the national record for the most losing seasons, and was a loyal Hawkeye and would go to games, even when we got beat by scores like 64-0. The difference between then and now is that the fans would get excited if we scored ANY points at all back then, while now we’ve seen a much more favorable winning streak over the years.

Hawkeye fans are special fans. They stick with their team over decades, pass down family traditions generation after generation, have all types of Hawkeye gear to show off their Hawkeye pride, and can tell you where they were watching the Iowa vs. Michigan game in 1985–and if they’re not old enough to remember that game, they have a family member who does so they’ve heard the story of how exciting that game was between the #1 Iowa vs. #2 Michigan. (By the way, I was in the stands, cheering on my Hawkeyes to the victory.)

Iowa football  brings people together in ways that people wouldn’t normally get together otherwise, united by the ONE thing that matters: their black and gold. I love how being a Hawkeye fan connects me with others.  I can travel the world with an Iowa Hawkeye shirt on and always find someone who yells out, “Let’s go Hawks!” or makes a comment about how good the game was.

Yes, I love my Iowa Hawkeyes and I’m glad I was born a Hawkeye fan. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Didn’t you know that it’s in our genes? 🙂  And no matter how far away I live from Iowa City, I will always be a Hawkeye fan.  Let’s go Hawks!