Thanks, People!

Do you appreciate the people in your life? Tell them so! Today I’m reminded of how grateful I am for my two precious daughters, my sweet mother, and my wonderful significant other. It’s easy to appreciate people we love. But what about people that challenge us or with whom we feel we don’t get along?

I have found that when I reach for feelings of appreciation in people that I’m having “challenges” with, that they no longer bother me as much. Soon, I’m seeing more and more positive aspects of them which I can easily appreciate. It’s a simple concept yet often difficult to remember to do. Yet this one simple technique can literally change your life. It’s as if everyone who used to bother you suddenly change, yet it’s really your own feelings and energy surrounding them that has shifted.

So choose the good thoughts about someone who is “bugging” you. Then thank them! Find something to appreciate and see how miraculously things shift.