I’m Tickled It’s Tuesday!

Well happy 2011 everyone! Now that February is almost over, here I am finally getting back to this blog. And it’s Tuesday and I’m tickled! Why, you ask? Honestly, I have no particular reason, other than it makes me smile and laugh out loud to say it! 🙂

Since today I was tickled it was Tuesday, that means that tomorrow is “Woo Hoo Wednesday!” What I’m really doing is telling a “new story” about the days of the week by the silly choices of words that make me feel good. It’s so much better than thinking of Tuesday as the day after Monday (or) Wednesday as “hump” day. It really makes the week go by much smoother with a lot more joy!

So I appreciate those mid-week days where I can come up with fun, silly names that make me laugh, while being reminded that I’m grateful to be here for another “Tickled Tuesday!”

So I challenge you to find new words and ways of thinking about “routine” days, and especially if you’re not smiling or laughing a lot these days. Go ahead–be silly! Have fun! Embrace the playfulness of it all. You’ll notice a difference in how you feel, I guarantee it. And don’t be surprised when you attract more things, events and people to tickle your Tuesdays, too!